Let’s get the vulgarity out the way with – this solid 18K gold will set you back, just shy of 69K USD (7.7million JP¥)!

The G-Shock 'Pure Gold' G-D5000-9JR has been released as part of Casio’s 35th Anniversary celebrations. It is based on the Dream Project GW-5000, a concept watch made also from 18K Gold.

However unlike the concept watch, this G-Shock fit for Midas himself has gone into production with a total of 35 pieces available, worldwide.

Like any G-Shock worth its salt the Pure Gold’s 18K case is impact-resistant and has gone through the exact same rigorous testing that any G goes through.

And like a regular G-Shock, it is loaded with packed Casio’s latest tech and functions such as a split-second radio-wave time corrections beamed out from six global stations, and is powered by Casio’s Tough Solar charging system.

Interested parties should submit a pre-order to Casio’s web store on May 15th, after which where 35 Pure Golds will be shipped in time for Christmas.

Don't have 70K lying but want one? HERE's the poorman's version.