J.P. Vicente, the collector
When J.P. Vicente starts talking about Grand Seiko, his eyes get a little wider and his words take on an almost lyrical flow. He's a man possessed. Working in finance, J.P. is a detail-oriented person who can get plenty nerdy about Grand Seiko when he wants to. From citing Taro Tanaka's Grammar of Design philosophy to listing off the various limited editions only available at Tokyo's Wako department store, he's got it covered. What's most powerful though is when he simplifies things, much like the brand itself, and suggests you just look at a particular watch.*
J.P. loves New York City and has always been inspired by the way it can bring disparate people and cultures together, creating something greater than the sum of its parts. It gets more interesting the closer you look and the more time you spend immersed in it. Likewise, he understands that Grand Seiko's power comes from the watchmaker's ability to seamlessly blend technical innovation, restrained design, and a certain sense of romance and emotion. Sure, you can understand a Grand Seiko, but it's even better when you feel the watch.
NYC, home of the collector
Inside J.P.'s Grand Seiko Collection

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{ "sbga-011": { "title": "SBGA011: Spring Drive Snowflake", "description": "This reference has become famous world-wide thanks to its subtly patterned dial, which has earned it the name “Snowflake” among Grand Seiko enthusiasts worldwide.", "quote": "“The Snowflake has a tremendous historical importance because it is the watch the popularized the Spring Drive movement. Pioneered by Yoshikazu Akahane at the Suwa factory in Nagano in 1977, SD calibers weren’t introduced to the public until 1997 at Basel, and first marketed in 1998. But it was the introduction of the Snowflake—first in Japan in 2005, then the world in 2010—that truly spread the word. And then, of course, there’s the dial. I mean, just look at it…” — J.P.", "images": [{ "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/SBGA011/Front_2.png", "alt": "" }, { "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/SBGA011/Back_2.png", "alt": "" }, { "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/SBGA011/SBGA011-Back.mp4", "alt": "" }, { "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/SBGA011/SBGA011-BackDetail.mp4", "alt": "" }, { "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/SBGA011/SBGA011-Front.mp4", "alt": "" } ] }, "sbgr-061": { "title": "SBGR061: Ivory Dial Grand Seiko", "description": "A Grand Seiko automatic pre-dating the establishment of Grand Seiko as a separate brand, this model is distinguished by its ivory dial and heat-blued seconds hand.", "quote": "“This watch is a classic example of how Grand Seiko has managed to translate its 1960s heritage into their modern pieces. Inspired by the original GS 3180, this piece stays true to key tenets of the brand, especially accuracy, legibility, beauty, and durability. Additionally, it looks awesome with a suit and tie.” — J.P.", "images": [{ "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/SBGR061/Front.png", "alt": "" }, { "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/SBGR061/Back.png", "alt": "" }, { "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/SBGR061/SBGR061-Front.mp4", "alt": "" }, { "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/SBGR061/SBGR061-FrontFull.mp4", "alt": "" } ] }, "sbgj-005": { "title": "SBGJ005: First Year Hi-Beat Grand Seiko GMT", "description": "A modern classic, this was the first “Hi-Beat” GMT watch – honored with the Petit Aiguille Prize at the 2009 Grand Prix Horlogerie de Genève.", "quote": "“This is a seminal watch for modern Grand Seiko. It combines so many cool features—the 9S86 hi-beat true GMT caliber, the LE green Mt. Iwate dial, the 44GS-inspired case, the heated-yellow titanium rotor—to create one of the most beautifully designed pieces I’ve seen in a long time. This is one of my favorite pieces in my entire collection.” — J.P.", "images": [{ "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/SBGJ005/Front.png", "alt": "" }, { "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/SBGJ005/Back.png", "alt": "" }, { "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/SBGJ005/SBGJ005-Back.mp4", "alt": "" }, { "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/SBGJ005/SBGJ005-Front.mp4", "alt": "" } ] }, "57-gs-self-dater-model-43999": { "title": "57GS: Grand Seiko 'Self-Dater', Model 43999", "description": "This reference, from 1963, is the second generation of Grand Seiko designs and the first with a date complication, from which it derives its name: the Self-Dater.", "quote": "“To paraphrase George Orwell, all 57GSs are the same, but some are more the same than others. This one is a particularly interesting model, and the rarest in the series. How so? It is a 43999, which is the first Self Dater released by Seiko. Then the caliber, which, paradoxically, is not a 5722, but the 430 instead. Then you have the eight-point star on the dial at 6 o’clock. That indicates that this is a Special Dial, known as “SD,” which indicates that the markers are made of white gold, not stainless steel.” — J.P.", "images": [{ "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/43999/Front.png", "alt": "" }, { "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/43999/Back.png", "alt": "" }, { "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/43999/43999-DetailFront.mp4", "alt": "" }, { "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/43999/43999-FrontFull.mp4", "alt": "" } ] }, "sbgw-253": { "title": "SBGW253: Homage To The First Grand Seiko", "description": "This watch is one of three limited editions released by Grand Seiko in 2017 to mark the beginning of its independence from Seiko, and is based very closely on the very first Grand Seiko: the reference 3180.", "quote": "“This re-interpretation of the 3180 is virtually flawless. The stark white dial of the steel version is my favorite of all the three pieces released in 2017 because it just serves as a perfect backdrop to the diamond-cut steel hands and markers and, of course, that awesome blue-heated seconds hand. It’s hard to find a better dress watch in my collection.” — J.P.", "images": [{ "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/SBGW253/Front.png", "alt": "" }, { "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/SBGW253/Back.png", "alt": "" }, { "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/SBGW253/SBGW253-Front.mp4", "alt": "" } ] }, "grand-seiko-3180": { "title": "3180: The 1960 Grand Seiko “First”", "description": "The reference 3180 is the watch that started it all: the very first Grand Seiko ever made, from 1960.","quote": "“This is not the rarest (that title goes to the printed-dial reference), but it is the second rarest and the most beautiful 3180 ever made by Grand Seiko! Why? Primarily because the GS logo has been manually carved on the dial, making each piece truly unique. I’ve seen several “carved dial” 3180s, and no one is exactly the same. Also, the rarer “mountain hands” give the watch such a cool, classic look.” — J.P.", "images": [{ "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/3180/Front.png", "alt": "" }, { "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/3180/Back.png", "alt": "" }, { "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/3180/3180-Front.mp4", "alt": "" } ] }, "sbgh-041": { "title": "SBGH041: Limited Collection For Wako Tokyo", "description": "Very much an insider’s watch, this is a Limited Collection piece for the Wako department store in Ginza, whose tower clock was originally made by Seiko.", "quote": "“This is one of the most memorable watch purchases I’ve ever made! This is a Wako-store only model, and the only way for one to acquire these exclusive watches is to hop on a plane to Tokyo, go to the Ginza district, walk into the store, and buy it. You have to be physically there!” — J.P.", "images": [{ "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/SBGH041/Front.png", "alt": "" }, { "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/SBGH041/Back.png", "alt": "" }, { "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/SBGH041/SBGH041-Front.mp4", "alt": "" } ] }, "sbgw-047": { "title": "SBGW047: Hand-Wound 44GS Grand Seiko", "description": "This watch is a re-issue of the original 44GS model, which was designed by Grand Seiko’s legendary design head, Taro Tanaka, whose “Grammar of Design” rules codified the essential elements of Grand Seiko design.", "quote": "“To me, this is one of the most beautiful time-only watches ever designed. It was the first piece commercialized under the GS brand that fully incorporated Taro Tanaka’s ‘Grammar of Design’ rules. So much thought has gone into the crafting of this watch! I simply love that!” — J.P.", "images": [{ "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/SBGW047/Front.png", "alt": "" }, { "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/SBGW047/Back.png", "alt": "" }, { "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/SBGW047/SBGW047-Front.mp4", "alt": "" } ] }, "sbgr-095": { "title": "SBGR095: Homage To 1967 62GS", "description": "This model is virtually identical to the 62GS from 1967; the original was the very first self-winding Grand Seiko reference, and the re-issue has the Grand Seiko caliber 9S65, introduced in 2010.", "quote": "“There are many things that make this piece—a re-issue of the original 62GS—unique. But, to me, the most important one is Taro Tanaka’s case design. For starters, this is a “bezel-less” case, which, from a technical perspective, is a very difficult thing to do. Then look at the way the lugs are cut, with the sharp angles slightly elevating the whole case so that the watch can sit more comfortably on the wrist. Super cool stuff!” — J.P.", "images": [{ "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/SBGR095/Front.png", "alt": "" }, { "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/SBGR095/Back.png", "alt": "" }, { "src": "https://hodinkee.imgix.net/labs/gs1/watch_galleries/SBGR095/SBGR095-Front.mp4", "alt": "" } ] }} “One of the things that I like about the brand – about Grand Seiko – is that a lot of the things that they stand for in many ways kind of overlap with my own personal values. I’m a very detailed-oriented person, and I think the watch reflects that.** And I think in many way, there's a painstaking process that goes into making these watches that kind of reflects that value as well.”
“I work in the financial industry, and my days typically take me to both high power meetings and casual dinners – I feel as though Grand Seiko follows me nicely throughout my day.”
“There’s something really special about looking at a watch when you know there’s so much care, so much precision, and so much work – actual manual work – that went into it.”
“Grand Seiko to me represents a very distinct style, a very distinct design, and a very distinct care for precision.”
J.P. Vicente, @thewatcherist
J.P. Vicente's collection