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Thread: WRUW - SAT March 9, 2019

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    WRUW - SAT March 9, 2019

    Have a great weekend wonderful people..

    Just replace the battery in my Victorinox, so i enjoy it while it is fresh..
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    Saw this on line and my heart melt.. what a gorgeous LE..
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    Opened my drawer and surprised to see my non working vostok running!
    So i'll give it some wrist time since i like this watch so much..
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    I'm on instagram: @iyonk_strap

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    In the mood to play with watch distraction... trying hard not to buy a new one because of the problem we all know too well (too many etc....)

    Full glow Airman LE for now, and wrist sharing with Nomos and Eberhard, maybe swap to an elderly thing later on.

    This might be the elderly thing, just because it's my duty to wind it every month or two. Wearing it is an added bonus, but I rarely have an opportunity for such fancy events. My Grandfather's 1958 AP will eventually go to a niece or nephew.

    Too many watches, not enough wrists.

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    Good Saturday morning IWL

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    Watches for SALE:
    <PRICE REDUCED> Nivrel 322 Black Dial:

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    Hi everyone,

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    Default since yesterday.
    I'd Schwarzkopf it daily, except I couldn't be bothered with the inevitable explanations...

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    WRUW - SAT March 9, 2019

    Sunrise again on a cloudy Saturday. Coffee, pastry and my Explorer II.

    They’re working their way back down the pier now. They have some decorative posts installed this week.

    Storm cloud looks to be blocking seeing sunrise today.

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    Tell everyone you saw it on IWL!

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    This for tennis followed by taking the pooch for a good long walk. Something else a bit later no doubt...

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    well this for now still nice but still not wowing me thou

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    bought this a few days back but slight mix up on details

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    might do a thread on that

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    Quote Originally Posted by CFR View Post
    Good day, IWL.

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    whats your take on this one (might have asked before but can't remember ) as have bid on a couple of them quite recently

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    Good day all

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