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Thread: WRUW - Sunday - 10 March 2019

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    WRUW - Sunday - 10 March 2019

    Happy Sunday, IWL.

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    I'm having dinner with friends, today, so I'll probably be wearing the old IWC later

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    Yes, they're recycled pics. Too lazy or to busy (or a mix of both) to take fresh pics.
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    Good morning all,

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    FC-303 again.
    I'd Schwarzkopf it daily, except I couldn't be bothered with the inevitable explanations...

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    Vintage today with the last GMT Master I reference

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    Eberharding again .....

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    and waiting for for scrambled eggs and smoked salmon in a not unfamiliar town away from home
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    WRUW - Sunday - 10 March 2019

    Clouds and rain this morning on the beach for sunrise. SMP today.

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    Tell everyone you saw it on IWL!

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    Little bit of sunshine for a miserable Sunday!

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    DST starts here today. Once again I'm trying to figure out why we change back and forth. I really dont see any good reasons for or against it. I would rather it stay one way or the other year round.

    Have a great week.

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    Coffee time on a lazy Sunday

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    Walking the mutt earlier, and now Im on the way to footy. Come on The Arsenal!

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