I know what youíre thinking; we donít see nearly enough neo-gothic style dive watches, nor dive watches made from solid 925 silver, do we?!

So, fans of Victoriana and solid silver are in for a treat with this new release from Strom. The NETHUNS II Colorum is either made entirely of solid 925 Silver or CuSn8 Bronze.

Named after the Etruscan god of the sea, the Nethuns Colorum IIís case (48mm in diameter by 54mm lug-to-lug) is water-resistant to 200 meters.

It boasts a unique case construction that includes a steampunk-esque sculpted outer case which is fitted over a watertight inner case (possibly made from Titanium) that holds the movement.

A curved case-back has however been made from solid Titanium while an AR-treated domed Sapphire crystal covers the dial.

Its dial is offered in a choice of four bold colors that include: blue, orange, red and turquoise which are color-matched to a rubber diver's strap.

A sturdy screw-down crown at the 9 oíclock position operates an internal bezel for safe and uninterrupted reading of dive-time.

Power comes from a Swiss mechanical movement (not sure what that is). MSRP starts from 5000CHF.

Thoughts? Interestingly the first ever diverís watch, the Longines HS Watch was also made from silver. I like the 666 Pes depth-rating on the dial. Err, thatís all I have to say.