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Thread: Divers on leather. Let's see yours!

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    Divers on leather. Let's see yours!

    Here's one of mine.

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    Divers on leather. Let's see yours!

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    Helson SD on Halios Horween

    "I'm just a witness"

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    Ric Capucho
    I'm a huge fan of putting divers onto leather:

    Ca. 1969-70 vintage Omega Seamaster 120

    Beijing Liaoning (now sold)

    Lew & Huey Acionna Prototype

    WUS CMF 2012 Dual Crown (now sold)

    Sea-Gull Dragon King (now sold)


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    To me it seems wrong for a dive watch to be on leather, there was a time before the Internet that I would use leather because that's all I could find, I would toss them after a few dives, it ok if you don't intend to get the watch wet but there are just to many better choices. My perspective is as a diver not a collector.

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    Aegir CD-2 DLC


    Tudor Sub

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