This is the newest diver’s watch from Mühle Glashütte. The Sea-Time BlackMotion with its sleek black Stainless steel case, 2.5-millimetre-thick double anti-glare Sapphire crystal and solid screw-down crown with extra side protection.

These features are joined by a high-tech multi-layer TiC coating (Titanium Carbide). The multi-layer PVD treatment provides several benefits; a jet black surface, highly resistant layer thicknesses and increased hardness of its 30bar Stainless steel case.

Its matte black case is joined by an equally matte black dial with blackened nickel-plated hands, that have been coated in bright white luminescent material.

The Sea-Timer BlackMotion is powered by a reliable SW 200-1 Mühle version movement fitted with Mühle's new blue anniversary rotor as well as their patented shockproof Woodpecker Neck Regulation system.

The movement has been regulated in six different positions and set to allow for an accuracy of between 0 and a maximum of +8 seconds per day.

The watch is fitted with jet-black strap made of water-resistant fibers with rubber underside and a DLC buckle. Very cool!