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Thread: Will I ever be a one watch guy?

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    Will I ever be a one watch guy?

    I have been away from home for a good 10 days. A first for me (for a business trip) to be away for such a long time.
    And I picked the PO to accompany me throughout this trip.

    This was the first pic I took on 1st Apr, and I also "submitted" the same for this month's photo competition.

    So, I wore the same watch for the next few days. Little did I start to realize that, by day 5, I started to "miss" my other watches, and I actually got "bored" with my PO. From day 6 onwards, I actually started off wondering (every morning) if I had all of my watches with me, which would I pick for that day. And I started counting down when am I going back home....

    By day 10, I was so glad that it was the last day of my trip, and I actually posted this -

    I can finally put a smile on my face, as it is a matter of a few hours that I will finally "reunite" with my watches.

    I am sick, and I need help, right? Please tell me I am wrong, and it is normal....

    I hereby declare.....I can't be a one watch guy.

    Ok, let me see.....what should be next on my list....

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    I have a constant struggle not to be a 50 watch guy. When I bought my Explorer I genuinely thought I might manage to do the one watch thing, but very quickly I realised I couldn't.

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    Will I ever be a one watch guy?

    Each of us will have a "magic" number of how many watches would seriously make sense. And now that I reflect back and look at what I have currently, I think I am really done, for a long while, I think. It is time for me to start enjoying them, and not just keep growing the collection.

    The fact that I have no plans to flip any would very well reinforce on what I just said. But, then, next say never.

    Have a good weekend, whatever that's left of it.

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    I could wear my AT every day no problem. The desire to buy stuff doesn't go away but if I stayed off IWL it would subside. I'd just end up buying knives or coffee apparatus though no doubt
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    Quote Originally Posted by geoffbot View Post
    .....,,,but if I stayed off IWL it would subside

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    It would have to be pretty versatile and have everything I want within one watch but haven't seen that watch yet.

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    I can't even imaging having just one watch.

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    I was wearing one watch exclusively from Dec 11 2014 until April 7 2015,then I got the newer one,but I guess I can try to be a one watch guy,now I just have to decide between 2 8 days Panerai to be my one month trip watch (will bring one of my tough solar Gshock along with me though)

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    Interesting in that my orange bezel PO is one watch I keep wearing more than the others. But no, I could not be a one watch person. Now, if I had to take only one watch with me, it would be the Speedy Pro. I don't need a date function and I prefer handwind in a one watch world.


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    I like watches - as most of us here. I can't have only one. And - unless seriously forced - I've no intention to change. Sorry.
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