Fashionable Pepsi, something blue and an affordable alternative to the Rolex Explorer; these are the new C65 Trident GMT models from Christopher Ward.

I realize the primary function of these watches isnít diving but besides their globetrotting attributes which include large arrow-head GMT pointers, 24hr bezels and Sellita SW330 GMT movements Ė

they are based on CWís 60s styled C65 Trident Diver so are appointed with more than enough diverís features to be consider worthy of a post; besides that they just look so damn handsome.

With the potential to track three time zones at once, the watches boast 24-hour GMT bezels; the Pepsiís bezel inlay is made from dual blue and red-toned anodized aluminum.

Its numerals have been engraved and filled with a white lacquer. While the other two Explore-style models have brushed and engraved solid steel bezels.

All three GMT feature the same brushed and polished 41mm marine-grade Stainless steel cases with 150 meters of water-resistance.

In addition to rotating bezels, the cases are fitted with old school box-shaped Sapphire crystal and deep-stamped Trident case-backs.

In addition to the GMTís differing dials and bezels, CW offer several strap and bracelet options. MSRP is circa 11000USD.