Breitling have updated and upgraded one of their most popular and successful dive watch families for 2019.

Iíve lost count of how many times Breitling have refreshed the Superocean over the past decade Ė 3 or 4 times (I think), so this would likely be their 3rd or 4th crack at it.

They donít always get it right; they forgot about the luminous 12hr bezel marker one year and another time they even opted for a ghastly rubber bezel inlay.

A generation back they even decided that high levels of water-resistance were no longer relevant and downgraded the entire Superocean familyís WR to a mere 200m.

This year the new Superocean is all about diversity; specifically, diversity of size because at launch there are already 5 size variations on offer; ranging from the largest at 48mm to the smallest at 36mm.

But diversity once again in terms of water-resistance with 2000, 1000, 500, 300 and 200 meters depth-ratings met out for each specific model Ė

and because this is Breitling there is also a diverse color pallet to choose from, although no sign of the brandís signature yellow dial anywhere!

So we know there are plenty of sizes to choose from but what does the 2019 Superocean actually offer in terms of performance?

Well each, model is different, some considerably more different than others.

However, all models of the new Superocean Collection are powered by a Breitling Caliber 17, automatic movement with a power-reserve of around 38 hrs.

All of them are COSC-certified chronometers, too.

Letís start with the SUPEROCEAN 48. Like any Superocean it can trace its roots all the way back to 1957 when the first Superocean came out.

More than more than 60 years on and we have a Superocean that is probably the most evolutionary Superocean model to date.

There is its 300m water-resistant case measuring a generous 48mm in diameter that seems to say (f#ck you to the growing trend for smaller wristwatches).

It's DLC-coated Titanium case is fitted with a blue ceramic bezel and houses a Faraday cage (a soft-iron inner case) shielding its movement from the negative effects of magnetic fields,

but more importantly, what the hell is that at on the side of the case?

Why, itís a bezel locking-device; could this be the new superfluous feature du jour much like the HEV was back in the day?

In addition to a bezel safely device, it also comes on an all-new blue vented rubber strap, designed to counteract the effects of water-pressure ensuring that it remains at its optimum level of tightness.

Next up the SUPEROCEAN 46 with its 46mm case in DLC-coated Stainless steel AKA Black Steel.

It is available with either; a black or blue dial and a matching Diver Pro III rubber strap with a pin buckle or folding clasp.

It has a ratcheted unidirectional bezel, and is water-resistant up to 2000 meters.

The SUPEROCEAN 44 with its 44mm Stainless-steel case is available with either; a black or blue dial and a choice of a matching Diver Pro II rubber strap or a stainless-steel bracelet.

It has a ratcheted unidirectional diverís bezel and is water-resistant to a depth of 1000 meters.

The SUPEROCEAN 42 has been constructed with a 42mm Stainless-steel case and a choice of a black, white, or orange dial.

The watch comes on a Diver Pro II rubber strap or on a stainless-steel bracelet and has a ratcheted unidirectional bezel. It is water-resistant up to 500 meters.

The SUPEROCEAN 36 has been designed with the fairer sex in mind or those with a smaller wrist. However it is not lacking in performance.

Its compact 36mm Stainless steel case is with a ratcheted diverís bezel and comes with either; a light blue or white dial plus a color-matching Diver Pro II rubber strap, or Stainless-steel bracelet.

It is water-resistant up to 200 meters.

Thoughts? Iím really happy to Breitlingís use of WR throughout the collection, finally! The choice of sizes is great but a 40mm is missing from the bunch (perhaps a Heritage model will fill that gap).

Overall I really like the look of them; for the most the watches retain the Superoceanís classic clean lines and simple style with the exception of the 48, the wildcard.

God forbid it should actually look like diving instrument which is really what it is, through and through.

The 48 is the only truly diver oriented watch among them while the rest remain very capable looking luxury diverís watches with status being their primary function. What do you think?