Sometimes it's the simplest watches that are the hardest to get your head around. When a brand introduces something totally new and out of left field, you can look at it with fresh eyes and suss out the positives and negatives without presuppositions. However, when something evolves in subtle, nuanced ways, it can be hard to decode exactly what's happening and whether you think the supposed improvements really are improvements at all. After spending some time earlier today with Rolex's latest GMT-Master II, the ref. 126710 BLNR "Batman," I'm happy to say that this is pretty much a strictly better version of the blue and black GMT that came before it (the 116710 BLNR, in case you forgot).*
The 126710 BLNR has the new and improved caliber 3285 inside and a new rendition of the Jubilee bracelet that's absolutely incredible. Be sure to notice how the end links are different, appearing to disappear right into the watch itself instead of ending with hard edges. On the wrist it's a dream. The shade of blue on the bezel looks a bit more intense to my eyes, though Rolex hasn't said anything about changing the Cerachrome colors. For me, this is about as charming and awesome as a modern sports watch can get.
To see the full specs, check out our Introducing post from earlier today.
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