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Thread: Yippeee!! new watch! please Congratulate me guys! haha

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    Yippeee!! new watch! please Congratulate me guys! haha

    Hi Everybody..

    today i've spent time with my family to enjoy lunch together and have a good time in a lokal mall..

    as we're passing infront of Victorinox AD, i check out their models that have good pricet.. nothing interest me and with their inflated price i just window shopping..
    before i left i ask the salesman, 'do you have Victorinox airboss and have it on special price?' he said he got the last unit and luckily yes it has clearance price for today only..

    my eyes glow since it was one of my fav model and my wife saw it... she said 'if you dot buy it, you're gonna regret it'.. if that's not love i dont know what it is..

    coming from affordable seiko and most of my low end collection and it is my first swiss automatic... it got ETA2824 movement 28800 and 25jewels... considered "meh" by those who got luxury watch... sapphire glass with AR and very nicely built.. everything seem perfect when i inspect it.
    it is the most i've spent on a single watch.. yes i'm not rich and got my fund for my family as the first priority... it's my 'reward for myself' watch and early birthday present... it's a tool watch.. and i like everything about it =)

    indoor inferior shot... still wrapped in plastic
    Name:  DSCN0146.jpg
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    Name:  DSCN0149.jpg
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    take of the fabulous strap and save it for now, and thankfully the lug is 22mm.. usually VSA got odd lug like 21mm or 23mm.
    Name:  DSCN0153.jpg
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    on temporary generic 22mm strap..
    Name:  DSCN0159.jpg
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    caseback shot.. i like the swiss airforce logo..
    Name:  DSCN0163.jpg
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    try it on one of my strap.. its temporary until i can make a suitable strap for this one.. the case is 42mm.. a bit large for my 6,7" wrist... but this military/pilot watch dont mind the 'presence'.. i think i still can pull this one =)
    Name:  DSCN0168.jpg
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    the look from other perspective.. i think i like the size..
    Name:  DSCN0180.jpg
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    i know its far from any Rolex, Omega, Tudor and so on... but for now, i got so much joy with this watch! haha.. hopefully, it would work reliably for years..

    just want to share my excitement with you guys as my 'watch family' here hehehe..

    thanks everybody!!


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    Nice Watch

    May she give you many good years.

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    That's a nice twist on a classic military style and the strap looks almost like patent leather. Lovely.
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    Looks great and a good size on you.

    Surely it should be on a lyonk specially made strap?

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    Yippeee!! new watch! please Congratulate me guys! haha

    Congratulations, nice purchase, I'm sure you'll be very happy together

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    Very nice, Iyonk! Congrats!
    I like your 'other' VSA too, and brilliant that you got this one in a good deal
    Enjoy your new watch, and I'm looking forward to seeing more pics and the custom Iyonk strap :-)
    It's the final countdown! PM me before they're all gone!

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    Thank you very much everybody!! you make me smile even wider from ear to ear hehehe..

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    I think 42mm is doable on a 6.7" wrist (says the guy with two 42mm watches and a 6.7" wrist )

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