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Thread: Hodinkee - First Photos: The Solid Gold Doxa Sub 200 T. Graph Limited Edition

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    Hodinkee - First Photos: The Solid Gold Doxa Sub 200 T. Graph Limited Edition

    You're looking at Doxa's latest vintage-inspired limited edition, the new SUB 200 T. Graph in solid 18k yellow gold. With a retail price of $70,000, while it's certainly a hilarious watch, it's also an undoubtedly puzzling move for a historic brand known for dive watches under $3,000. Made in reference to the 1969 Sub 200 T. Graph (which is celebrating its 50th birthday), this new edition is 43mm wide (in solid yellow gold), it uses a Valjoux 7734 hand-wound movement with a date at six and a two-register layout offering a 30-minute chronograph with central seconds. Using the brand's tonneau case, this wild chronograph is limited to just 13 units. Yes, 13.*
    Thirteen.*In solid gold. For $70,000. Or you could have a solid gold Patek Nautilus chronograph. Or two solid gold Speedmasters.*
    For a bit of context, the original model was steel, offered in all three dial variants (Sharkhunter, Professional, and Searambler) as a limited run of 200 units per dial. To make this solid gold model, and to do so in such a limited run, is a strange way to pay tribute to a watch as good as the original steel SUB 200 T. Graphs. There are 13, so I guess the question is... are there 13 buyers that want a $70,000 solid gold Doxa?*


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    My, that must be heavy
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    That is disgusting. Urgh.
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