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Thread: *Giveaway* Let's start the week with another one, shall we?

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    Smile *Giveaway* Let's start the week with another one, shall we?

    How about a 2-for-1 giveaway? This one might appeal to vintage fans. Let's keep it simple, like me (remember the two-brain-cell thing?).

    Here's how it works:
    1- There are five (5) watches in the primary collection. IWL members may enter the contest for one (1) watch from the primary collection. All you must do to enter, is post which one of the five primary watches you'd like to win, and why. Please choose one watch only....the one you'd like most to have.

    2- In addition to one primary watch, each of the five winners may choose one (1) watch from the secondary collection. Your secondary choice will be packed and shipped with your primary watch. If none of the secondary watches appeals to a primary winner, he or she may simply pass.

    3- There is no "grand" prize. The order in which the five primary watches are drawn will be random. Names enteres for the five promary watches will also be drawn at random. My partner Pat will do all the drawing, because you all know I'm a bit on the shady side.

    4- All quartz watches have been checked over and are functioning, with fresh (or very recent) batteries. The mechanical watches have been checked over and serviced by my watchmaker, and are running well. All are from my personal collection, and are just not getting any wrist time anymore.

    5- Worldwide shipping is on me. You will have to deal with your countries' mail system and customs. All packages will be marked "gift", because that's what they are.

    6-Contest will run until 00:00 GMT Saturday, April 18. are the five PRIMARY watches to be won:
    Name:  Primary1.jpg
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    1-Eterna-Matic chronometer ca 1961. Eterna-made 1420U chronometer automatic movement, recently overhauled. Gold bezel/gold-cap on stainless steel case. Original patina dial. On blue leather strap. Vintage size would be fine for male or female wrists.
    Name:  Eterna1.jpg
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    2-Seiko-Pulsar Spoon "UFO" ca 1990's. Stainless steel case. Seiko cal W850 multifunction dot-matrix LCD module. All the fun stuff: chrono/alarm/countdown timer, world time etc.
    Name:  Spoon1.jpg
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    Name:  Spoon2.jpg
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    3-Orient World Time. Stainless steel on stainless steel bracelet. Automatic in-house Orient movement. Just back from check/service from my watchmaker.
    Name:  Orient1.jpg
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    4- Longines-Wittnauer "Polara" LED, ca 1976. A little rough cosmetically, but strong and wearable with a recent NOS Hughes module replacement and fresh batteries. Lovely early dot-display LED showing hours, minutes, seconds, date, and AM/PM.
    Name:  Polara1.jpg
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    5-Citizen two-tone tank-style dress watch. Citizen/Miyota quartz movement with recent battery. Hard to phograph, but it's really a lovely watch, and would be good for male or female.
    Name:  Citizen2.jpg
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    Those are the primary giveaway watches. Your secondary selections appear in the next post.

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    Secondary selecton. Each winner of a primary watch may choose one of these as well:
    Name:  Timex1.jpg
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Size:  63.2 KBName:  Swatch1.jpg
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Size:  48.9 KBName:  Spoon grey1.jpg
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Size:  65.4 KBName:  Calc1.jpg
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Size:  55.7 KBName:  Bulova gold1.jpg
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    Top to bottom: Timex SSQ LED from 1977. Swatch Original. Seiko Spoon (grey case)cal W850. Seiko Spoon (black case)cal W850. Seiko A159-4019. Seiko A158-5050, Casio calc watch, Bulova multifunction LCD in steel, Bulova multifunction in gold-tone.

    All have fresh/recent batteries, and are working. Various signs of light wear.

    Good luck, everyone!

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    How incredibly generous Sherry! This forum is full of so many wonderful people.

    Well, I'll start and my choice might be obvious to you. The Birks Eterna-matic. Why would I choose it.

    -I am a fan of Eterna as a brand.

    - I am a fan of Birks as a brand. Our very first cat, named Mouse, ate almost every meal of his entire life out of a gorgeous Birks blue crystal candy dish.

    - I have been looking for the Birks Eterna- matic chronometer for years.

    - The local Birks is about eight blocks straight down the street from me. I walk by it about a dozen times a week.

    -As both a watch collector and a painter I am at least as much of a historian as anything.

    - I have even painted the local Birks sign for one of my shows. It is not nearly the best painting I have ever done, in fact it is one of the poorer ones from the last decade, but nonetheless I did paint it.

    Name:  25809_384475567354_8195077_n.jpg
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    Oh, second batch- the Swatch, though you or I could easily spread the love around on that one.
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    Aloha Sherry! What a wonderfully generous giveaway!
    This is a really tough decision...I love the Eterna, but from the primary collection I'd go for the Polara for 3 reasons:
    1) I don't have anything like it
    2) It's the most YOU of all the watches - if I had to pick a watch style that I associated with you that would be it.
    3) The first watch I remember coveting was a LED one.

    From the secondary collection I'd take the Swatch, because for cheerful quartzes you can't beat them

    Thanks - Olly

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    Woahhh!!!! that's really AWESOME Sherry!!! What a generous give-away!

    ok, here's my entry:

    1. I'm a HUGE digital watch lover, I'm gonna go with: Seiko-Pulsar Spoon "UFO"
    it's never available in my country and i love the 'out of this world' unique look!.. i'll wear it with Pride! =)

    2. on the second group i would go with the silver dial
    Seiko A158-5050... i just love retro digital seiko and never have one in my life! i'm handy with changing my own battries so they would be in good hands hehehe..

    thank you so much Sherry!!! may God Bless you more abundantly!!


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    If I were entering I would go for the Eterna but I wouldn't like my pot luck robbing Henry's far more eloquent reasons for wanting it

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    That is awesome, Sherry! My (future) little giveaway will pale in comparison. I'm going to leave the field open and not participate, but kudos to you for doing this!

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    hiya mate loving the choices of the mix lol so thanks for a chance lol can I do things a bit different haha loving the Seiko looks like a M929-5030 so that would be far and away my first choice haha and the Eterna-Matic chronometer ca 1961 look's way cool to.. so love the selection I must say the Casio cala is cool and the egg have not seen one in an aged there should be a bit of everything for all so yeah worth the wait mate so have a few of these

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    I would go for the Polara, because it looks so cool and I used to have one of those LED watches when I was young and felt like I was a cylon, or KITT with the red numbers! The Eterna-Matic chronometer is objectively better but my vote is with the Polara as it is so different that I would actually wear it!

    And what a lovely gesture!
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    This is one of the most generous gestures I've ever seen, Sherry. I think that this alone will find you a place in heaven..
    As an entry, it would have to be the Seiko Pulsar Spoon UFO for me as it is a digital epitome of the funk that my general collection shows. Despite that feeling, I think I have more than enough watches to be going on with and would pass my entry to someone more worthwhile.
    Thank you again for showing us the way, people like you are the reason I love this place so much.
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