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Thread: When a strap change transforms a watch

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    When a strap change transforms a watch

    I got my Ball Engineer for a pretty decent price a year or so ago because it only came with 1 and a half of the removable links. This isn't a problem for me as I have small wrists (did I mention that before), so I jumped at the chance to pick up a brand I'd had my eye on for a while for a price I could afford.
    When the watch arrived I decided I didn't much like the bracelet anyway, and immediately put the watch on Rios leather strap. It's been on that ever since (with the occasional switch to a Nato) and I think it looks great - kind of like a flieger on steroids. Definitely toolish and quite serious.

    Today, inspired I think by some of the Rados and Ebels I've been admiring here, I decided to give its first go on the bracelet.

    The watch feels completely different. Whereas before It felt slightly retro it now looks like a 70s take on the year 3000, something a Cylon from Battlestar Galactica might wear when he's off duty. Or that Tony Stark might slip on before going to a night club

    It's SO shiny, but whereas in the past I would have hated that I now find myself embracing it. The case flows into the bracelet in a pleasing organic way and it's also super comfortable. I've ended up feeling like I've got a different watch.

    Have any of your watches transformed themselves like this through a strap change?

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    the numbers sketched in tritium make me think of tron....

    looks good tho

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    When a strap change transforms a watch

    Oh yes.
    From this:

    To this:

    To this:

    I am so glad I discovered the joy of changing straps.

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    Yes! Definitely a big difference, love both, Jane

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    Agree not a fan of the bracelet. That strap makes the difference and compliments the piece much better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatmeworry View Post
    Yes! Definitely a big difference, love both, Jane
    Thanks, wmw. I really like the Ball Engineer with the strap and with the bracelet. Two very different but handsome options!

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    Thanks both. The bracelet is really growing on me. As I have an Archimede flieger inbound I think I'm going to leave this on the bracelet for now

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    I love their bracelets, very comfy, but can be a bit blingy for me but it looks nice on you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nokie View Post
    I love their bracelets, very comfy, but can be a bit blingy for me but it looks nice on you.
    Yeah, it's super blingy, which is why I took it off in the first place, but now I kind of like it

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAGtime View Post
    From this...To this:

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    That is super interesting. I'm color blind, but is there a little red in the strap? Either way it comes very close to changing the entire nature of your Oris.
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