This week we’ve got a mixed bag of watches that run the gamut from robust tool watches to an elegant and rare dress watch. Welcome back, my friends, to the vintage watch show that never ends!
1970s Vacheron Constantin Ref. 6531 In 18k White Gold

To say this watch is thin is an understatement. At 5mm in thickness (thanks to the record-breaking svelte-ness of the caliber 1003), it basically disappears on the wrist. That being said, thanks to the super rare crosshatch dial design, this little guy can still be considered a statement piece. *
1967 Omega Seamaster 300 Ref. 165024

I’ve been sitting here trying to come up with a way to describe this killer Omega diver and, though it’s a little crass, I keep coming back to “badass.” The combination of the 42mm case, lyre lugs, sword hands, and amazing patina all make this watch even more than the sum of its parts.
1960s Sabina Chronograph

There’s not a ton of information available about Sabina in the quote-unquote history books, but based on this particular example, they did some good work. If you’re looking for a well-priced and solid vintage chronograph with a workhorse Valjoux movement and some fun colors, then not only do you have very specific taste, but you’re in luck!
The Full Set

Don’t fret if none of the above float your boat, because there’s more to see! Click through to check out a funky Omega Flightmaster, a Universal Genève Polerouter, and a Yema Yachtingraf.
1972 Omega Flightmaster Reference ST 145.026
1960s Universal Genève Polerouter Automatic Reference 89114/02
1960s Yema Yachtingraf Reference 9312