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Thread: New arrival

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    New arrival

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    Wot, no watch ?!?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by happyscrappyheropup View Post
    Oh thaaaat !...........

    I’d almost overlooked that

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    Nothing, the very kind Petra at Guinand offered me a Guinand travel case as a freebie because of an unexpected backorder situation on a strap.
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    Well, that was a letdown.

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    I refuse to "Like" anything on this thread until I see a watch.
    Too many watches, not enough wrists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skywatch View Post
    I refuse to "Like" anything on this thread until I see a watch.

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    This is bullshit - thread closed.
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    I'm about to NUKE this thread into oblivion unless I see a watch.

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    What’s all the commotion about

    It’s a new arrival , a not inexpensive watch strap which I’m yet to choose which watch to deploy onto.... and a free travel case for a watch.

    But in the mean time, in the spirit of the same watch brand , here’s my one and only Guinand... A very nice company.

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    <PRICE REDUCED> Nivrel 322 Black Dial:

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