Stefan Molin, the collector
It wasn’t that long ago that Grand Seiko watches weren’t available outside of Japan. But that didn’t stop Stefan Molin. Despite living in Stockholm, Sweden, Stefan discovered Grand Seiko browsing online watch forums in the late 1990s and was hooked immediately. Through this virtual community he learned about everything from the so-called “First” reference 3180 from 1960 to the modern Spring Drive calibers, with the latter becoming his real passion. Working in the world of semiconductor technology himself, the blending of old-school craftsmanship with a cutting-edge approach really speaks to him.
With an extensive collection, containing more than 35 Grand Seiko models in all, you might think that Stefan has to make a difficult choice every morning about what to strap on his wrist. But it isn’t like that for him at all. It’s much more poetic than that. “I don’t really decide – it’s just a feeling. I don’t try to match it to my clothes or anything like that. I just know.”
Inside Stefan's Grand Seiko Collection

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{ "sbgw-252": { "title": "SBGW252: Homage To The First Grand Seiko", "description": "This watch was released in 2017, and is one of three limited editions created to celebrate Grand Seiko’s independence from Seiko. The design is based very closely on the first Grand Seiko ever made.", "quote": "“To me, this is the best type of dress watch. It was made to look exactly like the first Grand Seiko 3180, but it's slightly bigger, and my wrists are a little bit bigger – so this one fits me much better than the original. It's thin, it's time only, and it looks great.” — Stefan", "images": [ { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" } ] }, "sbgd-001": { "title": "SBGD001: Grand Seiko Spring Drive 8 Day Power Reserve", "description": "The Spring Drive 8 Day Power Reserve is the first Grand Seiko from the famed Micro Artist Studio, in Shiojiri, Nagano.", "quote": "“This is a rather expensive piece – I had to sell my Patek Philippe 5980 Nautilus chronograph to get it. It took me most of that year to decide to do it – then I had to wait half a year to get it, but it was worth it.” — Stefan", "images": [ { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" } ] }, "sbga-129": { "title": "SBGA129: Limited Edition To Celebrate The 10th Anniversary Of The Japanese Association Of Haute Horology", "description": "Produced in a very small series, this reference is an unusual variation on the famous Spring Drive Snowflake.", "quote": "“This one was released in Japan in 2015 – and it's limited to 329 pieces. It has red accents instead of blue, and it's a little bit smaller than the SBGA011 and it's made in stainless steel. A friend of mine living in Japan helped me to buy it. He had to travel around in Japan because it was so loved, but he managed to find it, so I'm thankful.” — Stefan", "images": [ { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" } ] }, "sbga-031": { "title": "SBGA031: Grand Seiko Spring Drive Diver", "description": "A watch with classic Seiko dive watch aesthetics, and with the Spring Drive caliber 9R65.", "quote": "“This diver I bought as a present to myself in 2008. It looks similar to the divers from Seiko from the 1960s – and titanium is a brilliant material, especially when a watch gets a little bit larger. It also has the Spring Drive movement, which I think is the best.” — Stefan", "images": [ { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" } ] }, "sbgf-019": { "title": "SBGF019: A Quartz Caliber 8J56 Grand Seiko With An Unusual Hand Set", "description": "This Grand Seiko quartz model uses a movement that was the immediate predecessor to the current 9F series of calibers.", "quote": "“In 2008 you could not buy a Grand Seiko in Sweden – or the Western world, basically. You had to go through Japanese suppliers. So my wife asked me, \"What do you want for your 40th?\" And I said, \"Yeah, a watch.\" So I sent her a list of 10 watches from one of the Japanese suppliers that I used. So she sent an email to him and he replied back, \"Oh, Stefan is so happy having you get all these watches.\" And she was like, \"No, no, no, only one, only one.\" So this is the one I got.” — Stefan", "images": [ { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" } ] }, "sbge-001": { "title": "SBGE001: Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT", "description": "This watch features the addition of a GMT function to Spring Drive, as well as a 24 hour sapphire bezel with luminous numerals.", "quote": "“The was the first Grand Seiko that I bought – and when I first saw it I was blown away. The sapphire bezel with lume beneath – it looked like nothing else. Another thing I like about this watch is the Spring Drive movement. Some people say that it's a solution to a problem that doesn't exist, but for me, I think the Spring Drive movement is the end game for watch movements.” — Stefan", "images": [ { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" } ] }, "sbgs-003": { "title": "SBGS003: The First Quartz Grand Seiko", "description": "In 1988 when this watch was introduced as the first Grand Seiko, it guaranteed accuracy to within 10 seconds per year.", "quote": "“This was one of the first quartz watches that they released when they brought them back in 1988. It's a very thin watch and it has an integrated bracelet, which I normally do not like, but on this one I think it fits perfectly – and it fits under all cuffs.” — Stefan", "images": [ { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" } ] }, "43999": { "title": "43999: Grand Seiko ‘Self-Dater’", "description": "The Self-Dater of 1964 was the first Grand Seiko model to have a date complication.", "quote": "“This one looks like nothing else. If you think about the fact that it came in 1964 and the lugs are very wide on this one – not typical to the watches at the time. So this one is actually my favorite Grand Seiko when it comes to design and how it looks.” — Stefan", "images": [ { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" } ] }, "3180": { "title": "3180: The First Grand Seiko", "description": "Just what the name says; this was the very first Grand Seiko ever made, designed to set a new standard for excellence from Seiko.", "quote": "“In the late '50s Seiko set a goal to make the best watch, and that became the 3180. It's a mix of a couple of other watches from the '50s – in terms of technology and design and – and that became the 3180.” — Stefan", "images": [ { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" }, { "src": "", "alt": "" } ] }} “When I put on a Grand Seiko, it always feels good –*and I know it will make me happy during the day. Many times I look down at my watch, and then forget what time it is –*because I just wanted to look at it.”
“With modern Grand Seikos you can clearly see the heritage, but you also get a more robust, modern movement. You also get the Spring Drive movements, and to me, that’s a big plus.”
“If you learn about the history of Grand Seiko you appreciate the current portfolio much, much more.”
“I think both Japanese and Swedish people are very focused on details – how the light flows, the way we act as people, things like that.”
“I use all my watches, and I like that they can take a beating –*and with Grand Seiko I know it won’t be a problem.”
Stefan Molin, @68molle