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Thread: Colours in the dial arena

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    Colours in the dial arena

    I just had foisted upon me an advert via Instagram and thought .......

    What colours do it for me

    Not the dial colour per se, the ancillaries, the adornments, the hands, the numerals

    The advert that spawned this thought in my head (the colours in this one all look very nice in the watch dial arena), not that I’d buy that brand but still:

    These colours all appeal:

    Name:  F7FD2D9B-F706-4D5D-A3E2-F24CE13DDE41.jpg
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    I also think red, yellow and darker blues perhaps all work in the hands department, green, pale blue are both out though.

    Not done to death mind, a red tip , or a yellow tip to a hand work, I’ve got watches with red tips and it’s a nice subtlety.
    A completely red or yellow hand would also work, I’m not sure how this balance works in my head.

    What say you ?
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    Mostly, I like the materials to do the talking, and for a watch to be equally appealing in black-and-white or colour.

    Donít mind a touch of red, though -

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    I like simpler color as bright colors will be boring in long run (like the chronoswiss regulateur on other thread)

    For affordable watches,I donít mind bright colors,but for luxurious ones,Iíd go with the classic colors

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    Splash of color is good. I like red.

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    Most of my clothes are black, so I don't mind a splash of color on my watch, especially sport watches. Steel blued hands, a favorite - and I like red bezels on dive watches: but the OP said "dial arena" (area?) so I guess bezels don't count. I like blue dials, maybe a yellow seconds hand on black dial - these can brighten a watch nicely. I even enjoy some funky green or blurple, but as mentioned above, best on a cheaper watch. Since most of mine are distinctly affordable, no problem.

    Why do so many people hate green? This works well in my opinion:

    Blue is always a winner. If the Ming watches had a seconds hand, I might have owned a blue one by now...

    I would wear this blurple 2-tone Oceanus more often it were smaller...

    Is brown a color?

    This one always feels playful even if I can't even find a name for the color of Ruthenium. Sort-of grayish-brown-purple-black?

    Too many watches, not enough wrists.

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    A touch of red/ orange/ yellow over a neutral white/silver or black dial, can bring an element of interest to a design

    Black dial

    Name:  Fortis B-42 Chrono 19.jpg
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    Name:  Longines Grande Vitesse Auto_43D.jpg
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    Name:  Tudor Black Bay69c.jpg
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    or white/silver dial

    Name:  Omega Speedy Alaska 50b.jpg
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    Name:  Tudor_Ad55.jpg
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    yellow can also work on darker dials

    Name:  Omega Dynamic Chrono_52.jpg
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    Name:  Seiko_sportura_11b.JPG
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    the interposition of a few blue areas (but not hands or marks) can be acceptable

    Name:  Mestril_36.jpg
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    but sometimes, they can be just a bit too much

    Name:  Omega Speed_Day_22.jpg
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    Name:  Omega_Soccer_44c.jpg
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    Love blue hands, minute, hour and second.

    Name:  breguet.jpg
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    Rose gold hands and indices appeal to me as well.

    Name:  certina-ds1-powermatic-80-grey-dial-automatic-mens-watch-c0298071608101-c0298071608101.jpg
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    Great answers , keep em coming
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    White/bue/red - a 'safe' combo

    Name:  Longines Heritage_Tele 36D.jpg
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    While probably less consensual, white/orange can work reasonably well

    Name:  Rolex ExpW 53.jpg
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    And of course, shiny gold applied indices on a neutral ground can make wonders

    Name:  Zenith_156_50c.jpg
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    I really love this watch, but that's off-topic.

    Blue hands and blue numerals, even on sport watches, look great

    Name:  Fortis_B42_GMT27.jpg
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    except when they start to oxidize - take a look @ numerals 5 and 8...

    we still love them

    Name:  OMEGA_SBA47B.jpg
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    Ok, that's it. I don't want to monopolize this thread.
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    Blue and red, though c makes a strong argument for orange too.

    Red especially - the little bit of text here makes such a positive difference (@traf;'s pic)

    I don't know if I like it because of the historical significance or the look though.
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