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Thread: Vintage Stowa Seatime circa 1969

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    Vintage Stowa Seatime circa 1969

    I picked this gem up last year from a German watch forum with a lot of help from Gerdson. Olof was a go-between myself and the buyer Ping Pong who I think was a member here many years ago. At any rate, after several hits and misses between seller sending the watch where it did not belong, Gerdson finally received it and sent it to me. Watch is 50 years now so the bezel has abuse marks and you can tell it had been worn a lot which makes it all the more fun to wear to me. This was not a watch box queen, it was a working watch, not some prissy worker watch but the everyman's watch.

    Specs -
    • Circa 1968-1972 (serial number confirms 1969 when checked with Stowa)
    • diameter 38mm
    • height 12mm
    • movement Durowe 7525/2 INT, 21.600b/h
    • Non rotating bezel
    • Mineral crystal

    Photo with original worn crown (plating worn off)

    Photo by mike stuffler at WUS of his original which hass a replacement crown

    Watch looks good and fits well. A bit smaller than my more modern Stowa Seatime and Prodivers but I like the feel of this one a bit better.
    Original Bracelet which I have found to have been used by several brands in the late 60s.

    Clasp is easy to use. Re-sizing was pretty simple even for an old guy like me.


    Movement - movement Durowe 7525/2 INT, 21.600b/h

    At 12mm in height the watch is not overly bulky as many are today.

    What it looks like on the wrist -

    Final impressions of the watch..... if you can find one like this and Stowa appeals to you, buy one.


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    I am a big Stowa fan - I have three at the moment (Antea 390, SeaTime LE, Ikarus) and I would happily own more. I agree with you that watches from that era have great dimensions; for a small-watch lover like me at least, 38mm seems about perfect. Thank you for the detailed description!
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