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Thread: **** Dial what dial ** made you look ****

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits

    **** Dial what dial ** made you look ****

    Well I had a job lot haha ( but I guess you would know that by know )

    this time it included two vostok one had a lovely movement ran so fine but dial was in shocking state the other shocking movement but stunning dial easy swap over I hear you say well no as one was a 3 o'clock winder and one a two o'clock winder so they have been sitting in my to fix box and well I had strip the one down was going to part it as it had a good movement

    but it had been there a while so I thought I would put it back together to get it in the case and check it was still running any way for fun I put up a pic this one

    of it running but no dial well one of the great MWC guys offer me a donor dial for gratis so thanks ( cheer's churchy) and so today I had a few minutes to spare so this is what happen

    yeah think it seems a tad smaller then the old dial but it see to be the same when I offer them up lol but I like it and it is better then having parts in a box lol


    spoiler alert
    **** well now is the season of the quartz part 2**** is coming soon followed by 3 and 4 soon after lol

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    They built watches like they built Kalashnikovs: you can disassemble 2 damaged and assemble a new one from parts in 45 sec.
    And it will squeak, and rattle, and clack, and fart and serve you another 45 years (you can start counting).
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