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Thread: Another one makes the one year mark! Seiko SBDC007...

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    Another one makes the one year mark! Seiko SBDC007...

    So another makes it to that one year benchmark in wrist time, which means that chances are pretty high its a keeper and not going anywhere anytime soon.
    The SBDC007, also named back some time ago...the Seiko "Shogun." I will try to not bore with too many words and try to highlight the features that kept it around for so long...after all, one WIS year is like a dog year!


    The bracelet is super comfortable. Being titanium I guess this should not come as a surprise but the way the links sort of curve along the wrist makes it the most comfortable bracelet I ever wore. The Diashield coating makes it very scratch resistant as well. After a year of wearing the watch at least once a week minimum in rotation, there are still no noticeable scratches anywhere on the bracelet.

    Bracelet design wise, it blends in very well with the shape and contours of the case....the fit of the bracelet and lugs is not really comparable to anything under the 1K range that I have had the pleasure to experience. If there looks like there is a gap with the bracelet and lugs there is not. Its very tight. Its merely the shape of the case that makes it look like there is.

    Case finishing and design:

    The 42m case finishing is smooth to the touch with a great level of finely brushed surfaces with just a few highly polished surfaces that can probably only be appreciated by the owner in certain lighting and angles The contours and angles of the case blend seemingness together and makes it original without being awkward.

    Crown and bezel:

    The crown is easy to grip and screw. One of the things I like about higher end Seikos such as the Prospex line is the proportions seem well thought out. Not too big, not too small. The S signature is a nice touch I must say. Same can be said about the bezel. Well sized, easy to use and does not distract from the dial. No bling here.

    Crystal & Dial:

    I always thought a non sapphire would be a deal killer for me but I have to say the domed mineral crystal grew on me. It has a certain warmth about it. I really enjoy the way it reflects the light. The black dial also has a certain glow I cannot explain due to the crystal, which has also proven highly scratch resistant. The monster hands do not bother me at all as this as a step up in polishing and finishing, Same to be said about the indices. At other angles, there looks like there is no crystal at all...

    Additional comments:

    This has been used a lot. Its been on dives and lots of beach time. The 22mm is my sweet spot for plenty of options for various straps. Accuracy has been +4 seconds a day. I can live with that. Putting it on nato makes you almost forget you are wearing it with the lightweight titanium. The lume...yea its Seiko lume. Its the first mechanical I owned that is close to the 1K mark that I actually don't mind substituting for situations where I would normally use a Suunto or G Shock and not worry about.

    For the sub 1K mark, its hard to beat if your looking for a nice looking, lightweight, scratch resistant diver. The fit and finish make it exceptional and it stands up nicely next to watches many times its price bracket.

    Thanks for looking!
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    Always a pleasure to read your reviews. Thanks, JP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CFR View Post
    Always a pleasure to read your reviews. Thanks, JP.

    Well written, well photographed. Another terrific review from a great IWL member. Awesome!

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    Great review, thank you! IMHO, you just can't beat Seiko at any price point from 5s', to Sarb to Prospex, Brightz and GS, etc.. It's amazing what you get for the $$$.

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    That's a STUNNING Keeper! absolutely fantastic!
    thx for sharing, great pictorial!

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    *Yawn* Tell me something I DON'T know

    Awesome review, JP! Truly! A great trio of watches you have there too. But, I thought I told you, a year ago mind you, to put that damn watch back on its bracelet??

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    Great review and some really cool pics of the watch getting used like it should. Hope you have many more years with it

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    A classy looking piece on the bracelet that could easily go from beach to boardroom.
    May it give you many more years of enjoyment.
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    Another one of the members whom I enjoy reading reviews on - especially so since its been after the honey moon period.

    Thank you for sharing.

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    Very nice, JP!
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