When it comes to shopping for vintage watches on eBay, it can be a gold mine, but it can also be a minefield. Our very own Christoph McNeill (you all might know him as Instagram’s @VintageDiver) wrote a must-read, common sense guide to buying vintage watches on eBay (check out Part 1 and Part 2). So if you’re looking for a vintage watch, but are still a little nervous diving head-first into those murky waters, then don’t worry—we’re here to help. *Today, we have another installment of eBay Finds, our series where we highlight some great vintage gems looking for a new home. Happy hunting!

Elgin Super Compressor

Super Compressors aren’t too hard to find, but some are scarcer than others, and this Elgin is actually quite rare. I have only seen a couple of these, and this one is the nicest by far. It has really great looking patina on the lume of the dial and hands. It also appears to have the original crystal and dual crowns (with bold cross-hatching). Do be aware that the seller states this one does NOT currently run and will need a service. Because of that, this example may end up going for *less than it should (it’s an actual auction, and not just a buy it now listing). If you have access to a reliable watchmaker, then this one is definitely worth pursuing.*
Check it out here

Seiko Diver Ref. 6309-7049

You simply cannot go wrong with a Seiko 6309-7049 diver. These are iconic watches, yet still relatively undervalued. Here we have an honest example that looks to be all original. The Suwa-marked dial looks correct with the deep, beveled day/date window. The case has some wear, but it’s not bad for its age, and some watches really look good with a bit of wabi (the 6309 is one of them).
Check it out here

Certina DS PH200m Diver

The Certina DS PH200m heritage diver was one of the more pleasant surprises from last year’s Baselworld. The vintage version of this diver is extremely rare and highly sought after, and, as such, it’s quite expensive when one is actually found for sale (which is almost never). The reissue we have here is a really well done modern interpretation that stays relatively close to the original. Sadly, for US buyers Certinas can be hard to find because distribution stateside is limited. The one shown here is a lightly-used example that is listed for nearly $150 below the MSRP. And with the “best offer” option here, you may be able to score it for even less.
Check it out here
Seiko Ref. 7005-8140 Dive Watch Made for the Iranian Military

Here’s another rare gem! This is a 1970 Seiko 7005-8140 diver, and this example was specifically made for the Iranian military (note the stamped King’s insignia and text on the dial). There is also Farsi engraving on the case-back. This example has seen some use — there’s definitely some wabi on the bezel, but the dial looks pretty good. This one will likely go for quite a bit (these are legit and quite rare), but if you want a Seiko that practically no one else will have, or if you collect military watches, then this is a good one.
Check it out here

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