well what we have here is one of three quartz cccp perestroika from 1989 (n.o.s) new old stock

basic it been in a box some where for the last 25 years

there not a lot to be found about these one's that I could see will be looking around more to see if I can find out more then the basics

Slava/Caba 1989 cccp era as I said n.o.s stock movement is a 2355 I think will check that for next one

here is a bit of info on the slave/caba factory

Slava (Russian: C????, meaning "Glory") watches were classic "civil" Russian watches commonly referred to as "Slava Lava!". The Slava factory (known originally as the Second Moscow Watch Factory) was the second non-military watch maker established in the Soviet Union, in 1924. The watches of this brand have always been meant for civilian consumption, without military or aerospace pretensions.

and a bit on the Perestroika
Soviet government policy

Perestroika, ( Russian: “restructuring”) program instituted in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Gorbachev in the mid-1980s to restructure Soviet economic and political policy. Seeking to bring the Soviet Union up to economic par with capitalist countries such as Germany, Japan, and the United States, Gorbachev decentralized economic controls and encouraged enterprises to become self-financing. The economic bureaucracy, fearing the loss of its power and privileges, obstructed much of his program, however. Gorbachev also proposed reducing the direct involvement of the Communist Party leadership in the country’s governance and increasing the local governments’ authority. In 1988 a new parliament, the Soviet Congress of People’s Deputies, was created. Similar congresses were established in each Soviet republic as well. For the first time, elections to these bodies presented voters with a choice of candidates, including noncommunists, though the Communist Party continued to dominate the system.