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Thread: Big 'uns

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    Big 'uns

    Over the last few weeks or so noticed some pretty big looking watches posted.
    As the sun came out today, 'bout time... took some piccies of the Red Sea , watch not place
    Goes without saying had to take some to compare with other larger examples.

    Please post your Big Uns

    ps this is not meant to be a Cosmo Smallpiece

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    You havenít even said how big they are ?!

    you could just be very close to some small watches

    Iíll post my first 47mm PUCK later probs, thatís the only big one Iíve got, apart from a Victorinox which is 44mm
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    <PRICE REDUCED> Nivrel 322 Black Dial:

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    Some of my 47mm watches

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    At 44mm (although still a relatively svelte 13.5mm thick, even with a 2000m water rating), this is the only big Ďun Iíve got.

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    hmmm well ok challenge accepted these three for now
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    I only have two (that I wear) larger than 42mm, both of them 44mm.

    Too many watches, not enough wrists.

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