Looking back on a post from more than four years, Ben goes hands-on with two very rare dive watches from Rolex. Both of which have been to the literal bottom of the ocean (and back). A deep diving pair if there ever was one,*it's not often you have a chance to get both the Rolex Deep Sea Special and the Sea-Dweller Deepsea Challenge in the same photo.*
Witnessed at a dinner with James Cameron after his expedition to the bottom of the ocean, these watches are the actual pieces that visited that depth from the outside of the submarine. First the Deep Sea Special with the Bathyscaphe Trieste on January 23rd, 1960, and again with Cameron and his Deepsea Challenger submarine on March 26, 2012. Both traveled, without additional protection, to an astonishing depth of over 35,000 ft.*
Dive (a bit) deeper here.