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No matter what you do for a living, you can probably look back and point to a few people who made your career possible. Whether it was someone who inspired you, someone who mentored you, or someone who gave you that first big break, there are people who loom large in your own personal story. And sometimes they don’t even know it.*
For me, Scott Schuman is without question one of those people. You might know him better as The Sartorialist, which is the blog he started back in 2005. When I was still a student and thought I might want to try my hand at writing about clothes on the internet for a living, The Sartorialist was a clear example of someone being able to use photography and their own personal passion to create something special and build a community around it. I’ve checked the Sartorialist basically every day for over a decade now – there aren’t many websites I can say that about.*
Scott himself is something of a mystery though, since his focus is always on other people. His job is something like that of an editor or curator, but behind all of that he’s a really fascinating guy with a lot to say on his own. He’s also working on some really interesting stuff these days, including a book about style in India, so don’t think you know the whole story already.
This episode is a little different than our usual – I made a scheduling mistake and had to leave midway through the conversation. Don't worry though, Ben and Scott kept things rolling just fine without me and things get really fun in the back half of the show. We also recorded this at the HODINKEE offices and you can hear some pipes hissing and sirens blaring at a few points – sorry for the distraction, but I promise it doesn’t make the conversation any less interesting.
We hope you enjoy Episode 37 of HODINKEE Radio. Check out the show notes below and let us know what you think in the comments.
Show Notes

(3:00) The Sartorialist website

(4:00)The Sartorialist in paperback

(8:00) Steve McCurry portraits

(9:15) The Sartorialist in India

(14:30)Paris is Burning(24:15) Bill Cunningham

(33:00) Tim Walker

(33:15) Paolo Reversi

(37:11) Wei Koh on Instagram

(44:32) Jenny Walton

(1:07:30) The Dogist

(1:11:30) Pierpaolo Piccioli

(1:12:15) George Cortina

(1:17:30) The Bulgari Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT Automatic

(1:18:40) Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept Watch

(1:30:00)On the Bowery(1:31:15)New York Magazine coverage of the college admissions scandal

(1:31:43) Rao's: New York’s Most Exclusive Restaurant