We'll have plenty of coverage of the upcoming May auctions for you over the next few weeks, but before the previews themselves start heating up, Phillips has announced a special exhibition that it will host in Geneva during the days leading up to their auction. Called "Independents' Day,"the exhibition is focused (as you would expect) on showing off the very best of 20th and 21st-century independent watchmaking. A few highlights are a worldtime wristwatch prototype by Louis Cottier, Kari Voutilainen's first tourbillon pocket watch, an oval-shaped tourbillon pocket watch with detent escapement by Derek Pratt for Urban Jürgensen (all seen below) as well as a full complement of watches from Philippe Dufour (Simplicity, Duality, and Grande Sonnerie) and more. If you're into serious watchmaking, this looks like it's a can't-miss affair.
Independents' Day follows hot on the heels of another Phillips exhibition, the Well Suited show that was held in London last month. One key difference to note is that unlike Well Suited, which was a "selling exhibition," Independents' Day is purely about giving people an opportunity to see some incredible, rare-as-hens-teeth watches in one place. You won't be able to purchase what you're looking at, with two notable exceptions –*both a George Daniels Anniversary wristwatch and a George Daniels Grand Complication pocket watch will be on display and they're both going to be available at next month's Geneva Watch Auction: Nine sale.
Independents' Day will be hosted as part of the exhibition for Geneva Watch Auction: Nine and will run run May 9 through May 12 at the Ho?tel La Re?serve in Geneva (which means it's on through the end of the auction's second day).*
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