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Thread: The watch your Dad wore

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    The watch your Dad wore

    I always remember when I was a small lad looking at my father's wrist, always adorned with a watch. I was too young to appreciate marque's but I loved his shiny blue one! I think this is why I now have this hobby - I can justify it because of parental acceptance.
    I had his shiny blue one serviced a year or two back and will add an "after" photo later, but here is what started it all for me

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    When I was about ten my mum gave my stepdad a quartz Seiko day date. I can't decide whether I got from this my fondness for Seiko or my dislike of day-dates

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    Lovely! Something very special about a family heirloom. I have my dad's 1952 Tudor Oyster; I had it overhauled several years ago, and wear it often.

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    My Dad wore (still does) an assortment of watches. I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree.

    I suppose I most associate my grandfather's Omega with my father. Gold bumper automatic from the late 40's or early 50's. I was told it had been my grandfather's "good" watch, so I guess he had another for a "beater". Doesn't every grown-up have at least two watches, one for good wear and one for everyday wear?

    Anyway, so Omega is for me a favorite brand (I say while I wear one of my Seikos).
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    don't remember my dad being big on watches he must have worn one but now my granddad had a smith long service watch on his retirement some where in the early to mid 1970's that I still have
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    Wow! That's only a Smiths engineers watch with the wonderful anodised blue dial which (in my opinion at least) is right up there amongst the finest watches Smiths ever produced. They were meant to be a cut above and were explicitly made for engineers and so Smiths were very careful to produce a watch that would stand up to scrutiny.

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    My Dad's Wyler Incaflex from circa 1969, I'm told. Thirty-three mil in diameter, which I find a tad small even for my wrist. I wear it every now and then and whenever I do something decent, I know that it's him working through me.


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    My dads 1965 Accutron 214 I got serviced a couple months ago. I wear it occasionally. Pretty sure this is what started my love for watches.

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    Before I got into watches I never noticed him wearing one. Now he wears a Seiko kinetic and a braun somethingorother, despite my attempts to make him splash out (he can afford to).

    He does have a yellow gold vintage seamaster that lives in his drawer - he's never worn it, to my knowledge. Dad - if you're reading this... Something like this iirc

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    That's too nice of a watch to just be sitting in a drawer

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