Over the last few years, Longines has been reaching into their archives, searching for details from the past to inform the designs of the modern Heritage line. The St. Imier–based manufacture has consistently shown that they can create beautiful re-editions that pay respect to the original models while also producing a watch that stands up to modern wear.
These two new models, the Flagship Heritage and the Heritage 1832, continue that trend. Each fit well into the brand's current lineup by combining elegance, history and value like only a brand with Longines' pedigree can. They feature the details of a fine dress watch through careful case polishing and sharp executions of simple complications, while still offering a muted sportiness, much like the watches from the 1950s that inspired them. In other words, they truly are timeless.
Flagship Heritage

The "flagship" is traditionally associated with the leading ship in a naval unit; the vessel displays an officer's flag that solidifies its position as the commanding ship. And when it comes to the Flagship Heritage, the watch certainly commands respect. Originally released in the late '50s, the Flagship has been just that: a distinguished model in Longines' range that stands out amongst the rest.
The Flagship Heritage features a seldom-seen dial layout, with a a sector-style sub-register for the running seconds at six o'clock and a date window sitting just below that at the bottom edge of the dial. Combining a direct nod to the classic Flagship design with the additional date window takes some serious horological chops to pull off, but Longines made it happen. It remains balanced, and more importantly, visually interesting. The watch is able to both give a nod to its roots in vintage design, while adding the practical information a date window provides – it's exactly what you want from a modern, low-key dress watch.
Heritage 1832

The hallmarks of a dress watch are present in the Heritage 1832, with the minimal dial accented by highly polished applied indices and hands (plus a beautiful alligator strap to complete the package). At first glance, you might think this is a Longines from 60 years ago –*and we wouldn't blame you for it at all. This watch clearly incorporates design elements from watches throughout the decades, and in that sense, it’s all of Longines' signature style elements found in one watch.
The Heritage 1832 eschews any sort of complication in favor of a totally pared-down aesthetic. The beige dial plays off mid-century color tones, and the highly polished indices are reminiscent of dress watches at higher price points. This is the watch that Longines could have made in 1955, but instead made in 2019. And it was worth the wait.
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With each of these watches priced under $2,000, these two models represent an enormous value as Longines offers genuine Swiss pedigree and a history that rivals major horological names that produce watches at a much higher price point.*Learn more about these and other watches from Longines here.