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Well we see these threads often enough and they have the likes of the Pogue or the 6309 or the 6138 and the high beats, well I though their are affordable vintage Seiko worth keeping as well, so thought of my favourite affordable classics, so some will be ones I own some will be from the net for now, feel free to add what you think are the best affordable vintage Seiko . I will do them in random order as I think of them. think one thread for each one will work best, same opening paragraph then info on each one instead of one unmanageable list plus also gives chances for members to speak about each one.

This one is going to be a Seiko AIRPRO S651-4000 just because it's way out their it's reebok kickers for the wrist this will be a first of a few digital I will be showing.not got one at the minute it's on my to buy list, seem's they was sold mainly in japan,usa as they can still be had quite cheaply on the bay still.in those country's. dj Armand Van Helden in the late 90's use to be famous for wearing one.

ok so specs.

Seiko AIRPRO S651-4000 aka SMC005, with quartz module S651A, same as the S651-4070 titanium,
was issued from 1998 to about 2006, yellow, black, carbon, camo, red, white.

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famous for its inflatable strap to fit perfectly to your wrist, the pumps it seem tended to go and are impossible to replace as hardly any stock parts around.

Sapphire screen with magnifying effect, calibre S651 has a calendar from 1995 to 2044, timer, 1/100 stopwatch, alarm and electro-lume,.Inflatable strap. Shock resistant.Temperature tolerant to 122 Fahrenheit.Water-resistant to 100 meters, or 330 feet.
Stopwatch with a resolution of 1/100th of a second, and 99 laps.

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