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Thread: This is one exhibition you really cannot miss...

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    This is one exhibition you really cannot miss...

    Itís Art, worse, itís Conceptual Art, but Itís bloody amazing.

    Itís all about deep time and big space and innocuous displays that explode in your imagination: a long necklace hanging suspended in space. Cool, but meh - and then you read that each bead is from a fossil from the earliest moments of life to the latest fossils that arenít just bones. A sudden shift of perspective.

    A spinning platter five feet across with a smear of dark, light and colour, moving too fast to see. The bumph explains that the artist chased experts for the average colours and shades of the universe from the Big Bang to now. Thereís proper physics behind the colours and itís all there and explained. Then itís whirled too fast to see.

    Or the piano playing the moonlight sonata with odd rests and twists - made by translating the sonata into morse, firing it at the moon and retranslating the signal that bounced back. Then playing it on on a self playing piano.

    I could go on, but no, you must go to this show - itís beautiful, deep, whimsical and bloody clever, with satisfyingly proper science behind art that leaves you stunned and thoughtful.

    I have pictures, but they just donít do it justice.

    Just go. If you can, trust me, just go. Those who know me know I do a lot of art, theatre and that sort of thing. This is special, and for WIS itís uniquely wonderful.

    Go, go for the full moon, because they will be lighting the candle...

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    If only I were near Kent, I would love this. Thank you for the review!
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    I’m in Kent but never think of going ‘all the way up there’ - which turns out to be thirty-six miles, now that I look at it...

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    That looks a bit awesome that does. Will see if I can squeeze it in, thanks for the info.

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    That looks amazing!
    I've been a Turner fan since high school and i first saw Rain, Steam, and Speed. This looks like a fantastic exhibit, I only wish I could see it.

    Ms. Paterson mentions Turner's mixing colors for his works, if you're interested, Winsor Newton paints has an interesting short article on the subject. It's titled:
    Palettes of the Masters-JMW Turner
    dated Oct. 2011
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    Too far away, but would love to see it.
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    Well, I went -

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    and I was a bit underwhelmed.

    The artist has had some neat ideas but it didnít add up to anything illuminating or memorable.

    There might be something wrong with me.

    But Iíd never been to Margate before, and we had a nice day out.

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