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I canít think of an episode of HODINKEE Radio that was more fun to prepare for than what we've got for you today. I basically spent a few hours at my desk watching clips of magic shows on YouTube, digging for information while also trying my hardest to avoid spoilers. And Iím happy to confirm*that's a pretty great way to spend an afternoon.
You might recognize magician Dan White from his episode of Talking Watches or maybe his show The Magician At The Nomad here in New York City. Or maybe you saw him doing card tricks for Scarlett Johansson on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon? Or did you see Kanye Westís Yeezus tour? Yeah, he worked on that too.*
I guess what Iím saying is that Dan is kind of the modern face of magic, and his combination of charm, showmanship, and skill is dangerous. Heís also a watch guy, if that wasnít obvious. We get into the watches he wears on stage, the historic relationship between watches and magic, his days working for David Copperfield, and a whole lot more.*
Make sure to stick around to the end of the episode. Dan does a few tricks for us that, to be honest, blew my mind. I think youíre going to enjoy them too. This guyís really good.*
We hope you enjoy Episode 38 of HODINKEE Radio. Check out the show notes below and let us know what you think in the comments.
Wrist Check

No surprises here. Dan first told us about his ceramic-bezel Rolex Daytona (ref. 116500LN for you nerds keeping score) during his Talking Watches episode. At the time it was a relatively new acquisition for him, and now, almost a year later, it's still his go-to daily-wearer. There's something about how it feels on the wrist and its all-black, slightly sinister look that just speaks to Dan. He often wears it on stage at the Nomad and has even had audience members yell "Nice Daytona!" at him mid show. I can't recommend watch-related heckling at a live performance, but...
Show Notes

Talking Watches with Dan White
Dan White on Good Morning America
Dan's Rolex Daytona Ref. 116500LN
Baselworld 2019
Jean EugŤne Robert-Houdin
Dan White Freaks Out Jimmy Fallon and Questlove
Dan White's Insane Ball of Yarn Magic Trick
Dan White Freaks Jimmy Out with a Telepathy Card Trick
The Chicken at The Nomad Hotel
Matera, Italy
Fake or Fortune? Trailer
Veep Trailer