As HODINKEE functions as one big loosely-knit family (to the best of our ability), it's always great to have some of the extended fam in the office especially when they have fun ideas for our designers. Enter eight-year-old Zahid Ali, who is the son of Mo Ali (our Director of Product and Strategy), but is likely better known for his love of LEGO, Daniel Ricciardo, Kobe Bryant and his bright future probably as your boss. While touring the office, Zahid saw the design team working on an upcoming limited edition and it sparked an idea of extremely crisp taste. Zahid wondered, if Rolex used to make a so-called "Coke" GMT-Master II, and still makes a red/blue "Pepsi" GMT, why no love for Sprite?
Like any good designer, Zahid backed up his idea with a sketch. Shown above, the sketch took the HODINKEE Slack by storm. Our designers ran with it and the outcome is undoubtedly cool. I also rather love the name "Sprite" for a GMT-Master variant. Like the soda of its inspiration, Zahid's "Sprite" GMT is bright, fun, and entirely distinctive from its cola-based siblings. *
While we may never see a "Sprite" on Zahid's wrist, we do love his vision of a world where all great sodas (not you, RC Cola) get some GMT-Master representation.*A big thanks so Zahid for the fun idea and to our designer Ian for bringing it as close to reality as possible. Hit the comments below to let us know what soda livery you'd like to see.*