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Thread: Flip the Milgauss for the PAM 512?

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    Flip the Milgauss for the PAM 512?

    Tried on the Pam 512 again today at the local AD and I'm quite attracted to it. However, I'll probably need to flip the Milgauss for it. What do you think - good idea/bad idea?
    Does it look too big on my skinny 6" wrists?

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    I would do it. PAM watches are meant to be big, but for some, it can be outrageous (eg 372 on a smaller wrist). It looks right on yours.

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    I think the PAm may be stretching the limits a bit, but it's a PAM and most of us are getting used to their own wearing style. It does not look wrong on your wrist, actually.

    Would I flip the Milgauss for it? Well - despite the fact that I have 4 Rolex and 0 Pam - in this particular case, I would say...yes!

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    I wouldn't flip the Milgauss and no, it does not look too big. I don't even like the Milgauss that much.

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    I personally do not think it looks too big on you, especially considering that's just the way Pam's wear. Personally I would not flip the MG for the Pam as there's really one or two Pams I actually like. I also happen to like the MG, but if you're already thinking about flipping it it sounds like you're halfway there in your brain anyway. My vote is don't do it, but it's really only your vote that counts.

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    I would!
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    It looks good to me.

    How much would it pain you if you decide to flip back?

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    The size looks great on you. Whether or not flipping your Milgauss is worth it...only you can decide. I'm not a Milgauss fan, so it would be an easy decision for me.

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