The NOMOS aesthetic has been clearly defined since its relatively recent inception in 1990. In this case, the absence of centuries of watchmaking experience has helped the brand create designs that are unlike anything else on the market. NOMOS watches are youthful, fresh, and uncluttered. And now we’re introducing four more models from the Glashütte-based manufacturer to the HODINKEE Shop. These new pieces are freshly arrived from their recent debut at Baselworld 2019.
The Club Campus Neomatik

The Club Campus Neomatik is a downright inspiring timepiece. The range represents a fresh take on watchmaking, with twists on a lot of traditional design tenets. NOMOS was born in Glashütte right after the fall of the Berlin Wall, when the youth of the nation paved the future for a Germany that would later cement its reputation as one of the most influential cultural and design centers in the world. Developed specifically with first-time watch buyers (with a keen eye for superb design) in mind, the Club Campus embodies a hopeful and forward-thinking philosophy, not to mention a fantastic value and an in-house caliber.*
One of the new Club Campus Neomatik models comes in at a slender 37mm, while the other two boast a slightly larger case size at 39mm. It’s an open secret that NOMOS watches wear beautifully, and this model features a first for NOMOS: a bracelet. The new bracelet utilizes straight end links, lending a vintage vibe to the watch. A traditional “California dial” usually features Roman numerals squarely on the north side of the dial, but on the Club Campus Roman numerals flank the six o’clock marker. Traditional Arabic numerals are found on the 12 o'clock side of the dial, exactly where you wouldn’t expect them. That’s what this watch is about: bringing something new to the table.*
Tangente Neomatik 41 Update Ruthenium

The Tangente is the epitome of what makes NOMOS outstanding. Its Bauhaus-inspired design is pure and balanced, and that’s just on the outside. Inside there’s a DUW 6101 in-house caliber with a date function that puts this watch over the top.*
With the Tangente Neomatik 41 Update Ruthenium, NOMOS eschews the traditional date window in favor of a novel display that discreetly, yet quite legibly, indicates the date around the periphery of the dial. To put it simply, the way this watch conveys calendar information is absolutely superb. The dates are wrapped around the perimeter of the dial in a way that blends seamlessly into the familiar Tangente styling. The date is then read by looking at the number between two recessed, red indicators. It’s a novel execution of an essential complication, and one that doesn't distract from the gorgeous simplicity of the watch.*
More In The HODINKEE Shop

With these new models, NOMOS offers an in-house caliber and distinct design at an attractive sub-$4,000 price point. Learn more about the latest arrivals and all of our NOMOS models here.