Omega Speedmaster. Patek Philippe Nautilus. Rolex Daytona. It's easy to say that each of these is a "great" watch and we don't just mean a good watch, but rather something timeless and enduring. Something special. What's more difficult to determine is exactly why each of these watches is as great as it is. What are the qualities of a truly great watch?
During the HODINKEE 10th Anniversary Weekend last December, we asked our panelists and moderators to sit down and answer a few questions after they'd left the main stage. Today's question? You guessed it: What makes a great watch? For some, it's all about the story behind a particular timekeeper. For others, proportion and dial design mean everything. Check out what the rest of our respondents had to say, and let us know what you think makes a great watch in the comments below.*
(Also, be sure to check out their responses to our first question: What was the first watch that had an impact on you?)*