A poor craftsman blames his tools; a master craftsman respects his tools. Itís no surprise that golf club maker Scotty Cameron wears an OG tool watch Ė*a trusty Seiko diver. Scotty is known for making the best putters in the business. His counterpart in the watch world might be George Daniels and his putters have won more than a few Masters tournaments.*
In a recent flashback post on Instagram, a weathered Seiko adorns Scottyís wrist as heís working on putters for the Japan Museum & Gallery. The watch is the Seiko 7548-700F, and from the looks of it, Scotty may have been wearing it since the 1980s when it first hit the market.*Seiko divers have earned a reputation as the kind of watches that folks who arenít necessarily aspirational wear; they're watches for folk out there working with their hands and getting it done, and this is just another piece of proof.*
Scotty is wearing his 7548-700F on the Z22 strap, an iconic piece of rubber thatís come to define Seikoís dive line. This watch is the younger brother of the Seiko 7C43-7009 200m Professional. When the watch debuted, it packed a ton of technology in a functional package. This was before there was a Prospex line, but the "professional" model had uprated gaskets, a high torque movement, and anti-magnetic shielding. The darling diver of the late '80s was the Seiko Tuna, but the 7C43-7009 was certainly stacked. When the 7548-700F was released the popular SKX009 hadnít been released yet. The SKX009 featured a 7S26 movement and 200m of water resistance.*
That Scotty, one of the biggest names in golf, wears a Seiko points to something Seiko fans have known for a long time: A master craftsman chooses his tools wisely.*