Some watches are great public speakers; they can get up in front of a room and connect with everyone in the crowd. They’re universally loved. Others, however, are quietly influential, developing a cult-like following among those in the know. This week we’re putting watches from both ends of the spectrum in front of you.*Enjoy.
1972 Rolex Explorer II Reference 1655

Many watches that we consider iconic today were unloved when first released. Such is the case with the Explorer II. Perhaps it’s the presence of the striking, bright orange 24-hour hand that makes this watch so special, or the fact that it’s easy to peg this watch to the 1970s due to its distinct period tool watch aesthetic. This isn’t a timeless Rolex like most other models; it’s got some wild character. This is the Rolex for folks who prefer a little funkiness in their watches.
1968 Omega Speedmaster 145.012-67

There’s one very specific element that makes this Speedmaster absolutely exceptional, and that’s the caliber 321 beating inside. Omega recently vowed to bring back the 321, but there’s nothing like the original. The lyre-lugs, the dot-over-ninety bezel, and the applied logo at 12 o'clock are just the cherry on top. And we haven't even touched on the historical significance!*
1980s Lemania Chronograph With Digital Display

There’s a well trodden path that seasoned collectors have all been down. The horological hallmarks are added to the collection first. Then something interesting happens: We’re drawn to something entirely different from what we’re used to. This 1980s chrono from Lemania is a perfect example of a watch in this latter category. It’s bursting with innovations of the decade, like an analog chrono paired with a digital-style display. It’s oozing with character. This one’s unique, and that’s what makes it great. *
The Full Set

That's not all! In addition to the three incredible watches above, we've also got a 1970s Breitling Chronomat Quartz Ref. 9108 (that looks like it just left the factory), a 1973 Omega Speedmaster 125 Ref. 178002/3780801, and a 1950s Juvenia Arithmo Calculator. Click through to check them out!*