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Thread: Gw 7900b positive display mod

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    Gw 7900b positive display mod

    Hello all
    I have a gw-7900b with negative display and i want to mod it to positive display. I know a lot of people here in the forum have done it before with a dw-5600, gx-56, rangeman and others. So could please someone suggest an ebay seller of the polarizing film necessary for the mod? Is removing of old film difficult and how do you glue on the lcd the new film?

    Thank you all

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    Hi nikos... i've never remove the polarizing film so i cant help you with that departement... a while ago you could buy the display module by itself and it would be easier to do a replacing mod, but lately pacpart wont sell the display part by it self..

    from what i've read, the polarizing film is already got ad adhesive surface, so you just cut and place it like a sticker.

    my positive and negative conversion was the very basic procedure as just moving the whole module, and it was pretty easy...
    so if you can spot a positive display GW-7900 on a great bargain on ebay (dont have to care for the cosmetic of the resin as long as the module working), that would be your easiest route.. and also reversible =)


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    Great link Nomad. That looks like a cool site too.

    I already mentioned this in the other forum but there's just one thing I want to add for anyone reversing a display:

    In my opinion, 99.9% alcohol wipes are much better than goof-off or goo-gone for removing the glue from the old polarization film. First of all, they are much more effective at actually removing the glue. I would say it easily cuts the time of this process in half, if not better. More importantly however, is the fact that with the alcohol wipes you do not run the risk of saturating the module. Once, when removing the glue with goo-gone and Q-tips, I ruined a Frogman module when the goo-gone seeped inside behind the LCD. I have since switched to the alcohol wipes and have had no further problems. I learned the hard way, hopefully my mistake can help others to avoid this issue.

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