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Thread: A little unboxing (Protrek content)

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    A little unboxing (Protrek content)

    Hi guys,
    It's been a while since I've done a proper unboxing thread. So here we go:

    A Protrek, as everybody could guess from the title . But which one?

    Everybody who knows his module numbers, can guess by now .

    And it is a Protrek PRW-60. Saw it as a trade/sell on a German forum. I was intrigued by the "quick strap change system" and the fact the lugs are in fact part of the steel backplate.

    The smart access crown, which is a PITA to use as I suspected. Why Casio, why? Why not use buttons?

    So I only got it for an hour so far. Can't say yet if it is a keeper. I like the construction, design, size, strap change system and lug construction. I hate the "smart access" which should really be called "incredibly slow and annoying access". I wonder why Casio ever thought that was a clever idea. So the pinnacle of Protrek since the v.3 sensor is for me still the PRW-3100. But I'll give this one a chance.
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    I like the look of that a lot.

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    Me too. The lume is also pretty good. I woke up at around 4 a.m. and could still read it. It also has a cool UV-LED illumination. The strap is very comfy. Maybe I'll get used to the crown. At least you don't need it to change modes like on my Citizen Super Skyhawk.

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