You've seen the solid gold anniversary limited edition Doxa, but do you want to know where it all began? Here is an in-depth piece from the illustrious and adventurous Jason Heaton that digs into the finer points of the Doxa SUB 200 T-Graph in solid steel (aka, Genesis). Originally launched in 1969, the Doxa SUB 200 T-Graph is a legend among vintage dive watch collectors and a rare sight out in the real world.*
Heaton's loving look at his silver-dialed Searambler digs into the model's past and uncovers some of the world surrounding Doxa in the late '60s. It was a golden age for both SCUBA diving and dive watch design, and the SUB 200 T-Graph was meant as an actual tool for the sport. Packed full of gorgeous details captured by Gishani Ratnayake's careful camera work, this is a look at an uncommon but entirely fascinating 50-year-old dive watch.*
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