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It's really hard for me to believe that the HODINKEE 10th Anniversary Weekend was almost five months ago. And we're actually coming up on our 11th anniversary pretty soon too, though that's a story for another time. H10 saw us host a dozen live panels ranging from chats with CEOs of some of the world's most prominent watch brands to conversations about how passionate collectors got excited about watches in the first place to in-depth discussions of the vintage watch market. We've already shared two of them in their entirety with you right here on HODINKEE Radio ľ*Joe Thompson's conversation with Jean-Claude Biver and my chat with our own Jon Bues and Alton Brown. If you haven't already listened to those, you should definitely go check them out.
Here at HODINKEE HQ we were recently reminiscing about H10, recounting our favorite moments from the weekend, and it reminded me just how much good stuff there was, just sitting there, waiting to be shared. So I circled up with our producer Grey and we decided to sift through the more than 15 hours of tape that we have to bring you a few more H10 highlights. The resulting episode covers a lot of ground and includes a variety of voices.*
You'll hear from Phillips Watches boss Aurel Bacs, talking about selling (and buying) some of the most legendary watches of all time, you'll get some insights from Audemars Piguet CEO Franšois-Henry Bennahmias and A. Lange & S÷hne CEO Wilhelm Schmid on how to build a modern watch brand, and John Goldberger and Davide Parmegiani talk about the challenge of digging up outstanding watches in the pre-internet days.
If you want to go back and watch any of the talks in their entirety, you can find the full schedule and all of the archived live streams right here.
We hope you enjoy Episode 40 of HODINKEE Radio. Check out the show notes below and let us know what you think in the comments.
Show Notes

Ben and watch auctioneer Aurel Bacs on the changing world of watch auctions.
Aurel discusses his career highlights.
Collectors Aldis Hodge, Howie Kendrick, and Wei Koh on how their collecting philosophies have changed over time.
Franšois-Henry Bennahmias (CEO, Audemars Piguet) and Wilhelm Schmid (CEO, A. Lange & S÷hne) on their respective brands' evolution from cult to classic.*
Mr. Bennahmias on opportunites for growth in the watch industry.*
Vinatge watch experts Eric Wind, Matt Bain, and Alessandro Ciani on their craziest "barn finds."
Vintage experts Davide Parmegiani and John Goldberger recall the challenges of the vintage market in the 1990s.
Aurel Bacs on the merits of vintage watch restoration.
Renowned collector Reza Rashidian explains his dive watch fascination with HODINKEE writers James Stacey and Jason Heaton.*
Jason Heaton and Rolf Studer (CEO, Oris) discuss what the past, present, and future of dive watches have in common.
Watch designers Christian Knoop (IWC), Christian Selmoni (Vacheron Constantin), and Guido Terreni (Bulgari) on the trend of vintage inspired watch designs.*
Wrist checks with vintage experts Wind, Bain, and Ciani.
Ben, Goldberger, and Parmegiani on the best entry-level vintage watches.
HODINKEE editor-at-large Joe Thompson on a couple recent career milestones.