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Thread: 1964 Re-Edition

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    1964 Re-Edition

    It's my only Heuer, but I do enjoy it. Here is a dial side shot:

    Name:  Heuer Face Down.jpg
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    And here is one of the movement. Same as used on the then prevalent model of Speedy Pro:

    Name:  Heuer Mvt.jpg
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    The watch has gotten some good wrist time. Not as much as my Speedy Pro, then again, the Speedy has great lume for night wear.



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    A very cool watch

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    Yeah that's a real looker. The only way to improve it further imo would be a custom panda dial! I love a panda...don't own one yet though.

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    Classy, man. Classy.

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    Now that's a watch called Heuer I could commit to. Beautiful.

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    That's awesome. LOVE it.

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    More in-house than a Speedmaster.

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    Love it, you don't see them often.

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