When it comes to hunting down vintage watches on eBay, it can be a gold mine, but it can also be a minefield. Our very own Christoph McNeill (you all might know him as Instagram’s @VintageDiver) wrote a must-read, common sense guide to buying vintage watches on eBay (check out Part 1 and Part 2). So if you’re looking for a vintage watch, but are still a little nervous diving head-first into those murky waters, then don’t worry — we’re here to help! *Today, we have another installment of eBay Finds, our series where we highlight some great vintage gems looking for a new home. Happy hunting!

Universal Genève Polerouter

Most Universal Genève Polerouters that come up on eBay are “buy it now” listings, and, as a result, most are often way overpriced. So when they show up listed as a true auction, it’s noteworthy, and while this example may not be perfect it still has a lot to offer. The case here looks pretty good — though it was definitely polished at some point — and there’s an original polished crown. The dial appears to be clean, too, which isn’t always the case with these. All in all, this looks like a good chance to snag a Polerouter at a reasonable price.
Check it out here

Bulova 666 Chronograph with a Valjoux 7733

Bulova made several different chronograph-divers in the late 1960s/‘70s, and this is one of their best. What we have here is Bulova 666 chronograph from 1971 powered by the tried-and-true Valjoux 7733 hand cranker. It has that classic skin-diver style case, a “Coke” bezel, and a superb reverse-panda dial coloration. These Bulova chronographs are highly sought after today, and this example is as nice as they come complete with the original luminous pip and a signed crown.
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Lanco Barracuda Super Compressor

This Lanco Barracuda Super Compressor dive watch has a great dial/handset and appears to be all original. The black dial features lume-filled steel hour markers that look similar to those found on some classic vintage Enicar divers, and, in this collector’s opinion, it’s a killer look! The crowns appear to be correct, though they do lack the usual cross-hatching found on most Super Compressor crowns. The 36mm case appears to be unpolished (note those sharp lugs). The “buy it now” price isn’t a steal, so to speak, but neither is it out of line for a good condition, original Super Compressor.
Check it out here
Seiko Ref. 6119-6400

There is no end to the amazing vintage Seiko divers out there, and here’s an example of one you don’t see all too often. This Ref. 6119-6400 diver with a very ’70s-looking brown dial, big-link chunky bracelet, and UFO case is exceptionally funky. This one features an internal rotating bezel (the seller notes that there is a rub mark on the printing on the bezel, but it doesn’t look too bad), and an unmarked external bezel. The case is pretty sharp and retains its original brushed finish. The movement is running a little slow, but that’s not unexpected. This is a good one and it likely won’t go for a whole lot, so keep an eye on it.
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