Today, we're happy to introduce a selection of beautiful and useful watch winders from the London-based brand Rapport. In 1898, the then 20-year-old Maurice A. Rapport founded the eponymous brand and created Rapport's first timepiece. More than 120 years later, the brand's offerings now include all manner of watch and jewelry storage products along with watch winders and boxes. Rapport's watch winders are not only solidly built and beautiful to look at they'll also make your life easier by keeping your automatic watches wound and ready to go whenever you need them.
Image courtesy of Rapport.
Evo Cube Watch Winder

The Evo Cube is Rapport's entry-level watch winder, but it's by no means barebones. Each Evo winder is beautifully crafted out of wood with multiple layers of colored lacquer. From black and white to bolder colors like blue and yellow, you'll be able to find a winder that works with your decor (and watches).
The leather-wrapped watch holder with rubber clips can be adjusted to fit virtually any size watch strap or bracelet.
The shockingly quiet winding mechanism is adjustable for varying levels of winding action depending on your particular watch.
Buy one or buy many, and stack them on your shelf to proudly display your watches for all to see.
Perpetua III Single And Duo Watch Winder

The Perpetua III Single and Duo Watch Winders give you an elevated look and extra protection, along with some pretty impressive and granular controls to keep your watches wound.
The boxes are constructed from wood and finished with hand-applied lacquer that gives it a striking satin walnut finish.*
Your best automatic perpetual calendars will fit snugly on the adjustable leather watch holders.
The entire interior is lined with a soft beige velvet, which adds yet another touch of luxury to this beautiful object.
Under the hood are Rapport's exceptionally quiet mechanics that will keep your watch moving without noisy rotation.*
To control the winder, there's a touchscreen panel that allows you to adjust things like rotations per day, rotation direction, and wind speed. Each watch in the two-watch version can have different settings based on the particular piece on each side of the winder.
Shop the Evo Watch Winder collection, Perpetua III Single Watch Winder, and Perpetua III Duo Watch Winder today in the HODINKEE Shop.