Having owned and worn the Emporio Armani Ceramica watch (reference AR1421) for quite a while, the original shine has now turned into a dull kind of glimmer. I donít know whether I expected too much from the Armani brand or the watch itself but the layers of dust that graced its face are a testament to my current feeling towards it. While itíll hold memories that canít be replaced, there are a couple of things on the watch itself that now do need replacing.
Long Term Review Ė Emporio Armani Ceramica Watch

Buy an Emporio Armani*Ceramica watch at eBay At first, everything was hunky-dory, people were commenting on it without me prompting them by shoving my wrist in their face and I genuinely enjoyed wearing it. It felt weighty and looked good. I never really bothered too much with the stopwatch, itís a pretty decadent feature nowadays but it does add an extra bit of coolness to watches. The winder mechanism was slick although the buttons are still a bit stiff. After a good few month of continuous wear, the cracks started to showÖ
Emporio Armani Ceramica Watch Ė Build Quality Issues

The screen chipped, as did a link in the strap. While this is to be expected if youíre throwing a watch about, I canít recall a screen shattering scrape – and the position of the chip suggests more of a build quality issue as itís on the underside of the link, next to the wrist. Itís dropped in price considerably since I first got it, so I donít think itíll be too expensive to fix. Iíve just not really bothered with it. After cleaning it up a bit, it does still look really good and has tempted me to get it repaired and roll it once again.

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If youíre after a watch that is very much form over function, then this is a perfect and reasonably priced option to have a designer brand on your wrist. I wouldnít say itís the most hardwearing watch available in its price range, but it looks good with a nice shirt and jacket on a night out.
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Most high street jewellers in the UK stock the Emporio Armani watch range.* We get our*high street brand watches from H Samuel. For used models, it is always worth checking out eBay and Amazon*first – as it is a brand that often gets discounted heavily.
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