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We made it to 80! Thanks for tagging along. In this episode, the boys dig into a question from a listener that considered what happens when a vintage watch becomes too valuable to continue its life as a sport watch, possibly forcing the change of context into becoming a pure collectible. As you can imagine, Jason and James want nothing more than for all of you to wear your watches and enjoy life's adventures, but there is definitely a turning point where a watch becomes more of a collectible than something you wear to tell the time.
Jason and James wax (non) poetic about this conundrum and top off the show with a trickster final notes from Jason and James' recommendation of a lovely guide to the world of mid-century modern design. Just press play and thanks for listening!
Show Notes

Jason's trip to Catalina*
James' trip to St. Louis*
Strohlworlks class with Benjamin Hardman
Week On The Wrist: The Rolex Explorer
Jason diving a vintage Tudor Sub
Jason diving with a 50-year-old Doxa
Sinn Watches
"Made for This" podcast with James*
"From A to Eames" (book)*