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Thread: Watch This on Watches from Down Under - 5 minutes well spent.

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    Watch This on Watches from Down Under - 5 minutes well spent.

    A few weeks ago I posted some photos of my newly arrived, actually "Manufactured in Australia" Number 15 from Nick Hacko

    I had an IT snafu and wasn't able to get back to those who had questions.

    yes, it is inspired by and based upon a Unitas movement.

    The titanium case, dial, crown, plates, wheels screws and made in their factory in Brookvale.

    Yes, they do make other models that are purchased swiss movements that they then add parts to and assemble and adjust, but this little beauty is the real deal.

    They don't make mainsprings and rubies and they buy screws, but then hand polish them and order custom sapphire crystals and hands from overseas from my discussions with him and what I've seen at his place.

    Nicko has invested many hundreds of thousands in some amazing high tech machinery to make this possible, in his obsession to bring watch manufacturing to our shores.

    He was recently approached by a local documentary filmmaker who is doing a series on local Artisan businesses.

    Here's the segment on my new watch:-

    It makes for brief, but fascinating viewing for all of 5 minutes or so
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    Cool Video.

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    I enjoyed that. Thanks for the link! (Nice designs, too.)
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