A blast from the past! Take a look at this collection of staff picks for watches under $5,000. From usual winners like NOMOS, Seiko, and Tudor, to accessible world timers, oddball divers, and vintage gold chronos, many of the names have changed but the recommendations remain tastefully strong.*
In an interesting contrast, not only does this nearly four-year-old article have a handful of watches that would still make for a great sub-$5,000 choice today (or even less if second-hand), but some of the selections are no longer available under the imposed $5k limit (such as solid gold UG chronos and Camaro 7220s). Like the HODINKEE masthead, the watch market continues to grow and mature**Should we assemble the team for a 2019 update? Let us know in the comments and be sure to offer up your favorite watch under $5,000 too.*
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